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LibraMoon Skin

Rose Quartz Roller Kit

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Rose Quartz crystal frequently referred to as the ‘Love Stone’ is symbolised as a healing stone which helps to increase self-love and feelings of inner peace. Endorsing love, harmony, and compassion, it was a perfect opportunity to use the stone with the roller to enhance skincare routines.


Soothes skin and calms the mind

The Rose Quartz is a crystal that emits unnoticeable vibrations on the skin which releases tension, calms inflammation, and encourages cell restoration.

Reduces puffiness and releases toxins

The rolling technique consisting of rhythmic strokes helps increase blood circulation by encouraging oxygen to deeply penetrate the layers of the skin. This helps release any trapped toxins and stimulates collagen production. It also reduces puffiness and increases lymphatic drainage.

Create luminous glow

Improves skin elasticity through smoothing out wrinkles, giving your complexion a luminous glow by allowing a deeper penetration into the skin of serums or creams when used in conjunction with the roller. Helping with muscle relaxation, the gentle massage can be applied to the face and neck in a much simpler and more efficient way.

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